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User Guide

Can I capture the traffic of other devices in the network?

No. PCAPdroid only captures the traffic originated/destined to the Android device where it is running.

Can I capture the traffic of other VPN apps?

Yes! But you need a rooted device. Check out the user guide.

Why I see connections originating from the IP is the IP address of the virtual interface created by PCAPdroid. As PCAPdroid acts like a proxy, all the connections have this source address.

Why I see DNS requests to is virtual IP address used by PCAPdroid to capture the DNS traffic. During startup, PCAPdroid detects the DNS server in use by the device and proxies all the DNS requests to such address. Only UDP DNS queries as currently supported. TCP DNS queries are dropped.

How can I extract the URLs from an app?

In PCAPdroid you can tap on an HTTP connection to show its details, which include the requested URL. However, most apps employ HTTPS, in which case it’s necessary to decrypt the connections via mitm in order to extract the URL. Check out the TLS Decryption section for details. If the app provides a web version, instead of decrypting the connections, it’s easier to open the app in a browser on a PC and inspect the connections data via the browser developer tools.

Does PCAPdroid support decrypting TLS 1.3?

PCAPdroid relies on mitmproxy for the TLS decryption and it supports TLS 1.3.

Can I decrypt TLS directly in the app?

Currently no, but there is an an open issue to support built-in TLS decryption. If you are a developer and want to implement this feature, your contribution is welcome!

Why is PCAPdroid asking me to create a VPN?

In order to run without root, the app takes advantage of the Android VpnService API to collect the packets on the device itself. No data leaves the device.

Can I constantly monitor my device traffic?

While not specifically optimized for reduced battery consumption, running PCAPdroid on a daily/nightly basis seems fine.

Can PCAPdroid block connections/disable ADs in app

While tecnically possible, PCAPdroid is not a firewall app. For this kind of stuff you can check out the wonderful NetGuard project.

Can I capture the hotspot/tethering traffic?

This depends on your OS implementation. Usually, this is not possible without root. A detailed explanation is provided at There is a workaround to capture only the HTTP/S traffic, which is to install an HTTP proxy on the Android phone and configure the client device to use this proxy.

Does PCAPdroid expose me to data leakage?

When using the “None” or “PCAP File” dump modes, the traffic dump does not leave your device. The other modes should only be run on a trusted local network as PCAPdroid does not encrypt your traffic. When using the HTTP server mode, any device in your local network can connect to PCAPdroid to download the PCAP of the traffic! PCAPdroid can also be configured to send your traffic over the internet (by enabling the UDP Exporter mode and using a public IP address), however doing this is discouraged.